Grażyna Plebanek
ISBN: 978-83-7414-885-6

Love and betrayal from the point of view of a man. A tale about an emotion that has no right to exist and at the same time an analysis of the social structures that limit the freedom of an individual, of the constraints imposed by social roles.

"A remarkable achievement. . . . A must for anyone with a mind for the erotic who also values their mind." --Catherine Millet, author of The Sexual Life of Catherine

The paths of Megi, a Polish lawyer making a career in the European Commission and her husband Jonathan, a writer, who takes care of the house and their children and Andrea, the fiancée of Megi's boss and a sensual TV journalist , all cross in Brussels, a city of power and big politics, an international melting pot. The novel tells the story of an emotion that cannot be controlled, pangs of conscience, fear of hurting the loved ones. Plebanek writes about sex in an unembarrassed way, openly posing questions about love, desire and fidelity.

photo by Stephan Vanfleteren