A Girl Called Przystupa
Grażyna Plebanek
ISBN: 978-83-7414-345-5

The adventures of a young cleaning lady from Poland, who puts herself in harm's way on both sides of the Baltic Sea.

Fate takes her first to Warsaw and then to Stockholm, where, mixed up in a port brawl, suspected of murder and fleeing from an arrest warrant engineered by a would-be female lover, she watches the life of her employers. The silent presence of the Polish cleaning lady triggers an avalanche of events, brings to light dark secrets, and releases extreme emotions, which eventually lead to crime. From the point of view of "the garbage can" we look at what "typical" homes hide under the surface of "normality". This picaresque novel, told with irony, in the end leads the heroine to herself.

photo by Stephan Vanfleteren