Plebanek's latest stories are available in "Pomegranate Seed. Mythology According to Women" and "Utopay. The future presents a bill" no w in bookstores in Poland, along with  "Robber-maids. Tales of important women" and "Brussels. The city's animalism"

Plebanek's novel "Miss Fury", translated by Cecile Bocianowski, was published in France on January 25th by Editions Emmanuelle Collas Galaade. A pocket edition of the novel - testament to its great popularity in France -- was published by Le Livre de Poche in January 2020 and instantly received the prestigeous French "Readers' Award 2020".

"A novel packing a punch of the fury of conquest, written with mastery by one of the most original new voices of Polish literature" - Alain Mabanckou.

Grażyna Plebanek's play, based on the novel, has won a special award in the drama competition "Contact Zones" organised by the Modern Theatre in Wroclaw, was produced in 2018 and will be continued in 2019. The novel was first published in Poland on August 31, 2016.


Grazyna Plebanek is a writer, a columnist and the author of the best-selling novel "Illegal Liaisons" (W.A.B. 2010, English edition Stork Press 2012, U.S. edition New Europe Books 2013).

"A remarkable achievement. This riveting novel not only shows that intimate liaisons can feel every bit as ‘illegal' as they do dangerous, but it also offers (sometimes literally) penetrating insights into the confluence of the personal and the political--here, at the heart of a twenty-first-century Europe where conceptions of gender roles and morality clash, comingle, and are redefined. A must for anyone with a mind for the erotic who also values their mind." - Catherine Millet, author of The Sexual Life of Catherine M.

"Plebanek’s crisp and intelligent new novel is full of pitch-perfect descriptions, mostly but not exclusively about sex, and its contemplation. . . . A merciless comedy of modern manners, and the politics of desire" - Publishers weekly.

These Little Words chose „Illegal liaisons" as the novel of the year in Britain in 2012.

Ann Morgan listed „Illegal Liaisons" as the Polish novel worth reading in her collection of the world's literary works. The novel sold more than 50,000 copies in Poland alone.


Plebanek also wrote "Girls from Portofino" (W.A.B. 2005) which sold 33,000 copies, as well as "Box of Stilettos" (2002, W.A.B. 2006) which sold 40,000 copies. Plebanek published "A Girl called Przystupa" (W.A.B.) in 2007 and "The Boxer" (W.A.B.) in 2014. In 2013 Plebanek published a collection of literary essays entitled „Córki Rozbójniczki" (The Robbermaid's Daughters).


A graduate of Warsaw University, Plebanek has worked as a reporter for Reuters News Agency and the biggest Polish daily "Gazeta Wyborcza". She is a columnist of the prestigious weekly „Polityka" , the monthly supplement of Gazeta Wyborcza „Wysokie Obcasy Extra" (High Heels Extra) and the „Trends" magazine. She also publishes in the „Wysokie Obcasy" weekly. In 2015 she published a short story in the British literary magazine "Litro".

Plebanek is the author of short stories which appeared in the following collections: „Dziewczyńskie bajki na dobranoc" (Girls' Bedtime Stories), „Nie pytaj o Polskę" (Don't ask about Poland) (AMEA 2008), „Zaraz wracam" (I'll be right back) (Centrum Kultury „Zamek", 2008), „Projekt mężczyzna" (Project Man) (wydawnictwo Delikatesy, 2009), „Piątek, 2:45" (Friday, 2:45) (Filar, 2010), "Zachcianki" (Whims) (Świat Książki, 2012).
Plebanek has won the Złote Sowy (Golden Owls) award for promoting Poland abroad.
A citizen of Warsaw, she has lived for five years in Stockholm and since 2005 she has been living in Brussels. She is among a group of international artists whose photographs by the Belgian World Press Photo winner Stephan Vanfleteren are exhibited until 2019 in Brussels.

photo by Stephan Vanfleteren